Know your quantitative antibody levels to determine how you responded to the vaccine.

Are you immune after you are vaccinated?

How do I know if I am immune?

When should I take the test?

Not necessarily, there is at least a 1 in 20 chance you are not immune! Current reports show that some vaccines protect up to 95% of people vaccinated while others protect up to 76%. No vaccine guarantees 100% immunity. Currently there is not yet a method to prove you are immune to the virus. It is known that certain antibodies are highly associated with blocking the virus from infecting cells in a test tube. At least two weeks after COVID-19 symptoms began, or for post-vaccination testing, a minimum of two weeks after the final dose was administered (for Johnson & Johnson vaccine four weeks are recommended).

Why COVID-19 ANTIBODY TESTING from Allermetrix?

Be sure that you and your loved ones know your quantitative COVID-19 antibodies levels.

How do I get the test?

1. You will receive an information package and supplies in the mail.

2. Take the information package with test supplies to your healthcare professional to discuss the reason for testing these antibodies. They must sign the request form.

3. Have your blood drawn and sent to Allermetrix in the prepaid mailer.

4. Allermetrix will send your results to both you and your healthcare professional.


The COVID pandemic gave us a sobering year in 2020, with ongoing pressure on the global medical and financial worlds. Rapidly developed vaccines are finally providing hope.

Things are moving fast, with new questions arising almost daily.

As a physician, I was fortunate to receive a vaccine early, I felt a burden was somewhat lifted. However, wanting an extra level of confidence, I sought information about antibody testing. I learned that the standard antibody tests offered in most clinics and hospitals answer the question of exposure and infection, but not response to the vaccine.

I underwent a simple blood test by Allermetrix, confirming my immune system's vigorous response to the vaccine, Though I will continue to practice social distancing and masking until the pandemic is over, this knowledge has given me an extra sense of freedom.

- a senior Tennessee physician